2022 Google Drive- Pre-Order
2 Moons Custom Designs

2022 Google Drive- Pre-Order

Regular price $500.00 Sale price $3,500.00 Unit price per

-Please make sure that the email used at check out, is the email you want the drive sent too. I will be sharing the drive individually.

Designs will be added weekly.

some designs added to this drive will be exclusive to the drive holders only. 

Designs will not be added to this drive until January 1, 2022.

If you sell Sublimation, Dtf, or HTV transers you will need to purchase the License to sell transfers, as we recently added the transfer license requirement.

Screen Print License are currently sold out, so if you are a screen printer that holds my license you will not need to purchase unless your license is expiring soon.

** Please note that as I complete designs they will be listed in this Google Drive. **