Homeplate Wood Bleaching Template- 12-14 Business Day TAT
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Homeplate Wood Bleaching Template- 12-14 Business Day TAT

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Please note that the turn around time will be 12-14 business days. On days where we have an influx of orders we do ask that you give us an extra 4-6 business days. 


This listing is for one Homeplate bleaching template. Offered in 9 inch, 11 inch, and 13 inch.

These templates are made of a thin wood and have been lightly sealed to protect them. Bleach is considered corrosive and will eventually eat through the sealer, so it's important to neutralize the bleach with peroxide after each use. Water can not be use with them at all! If water is used we will not replace or refund your money for water damage. To see how we use these and to learn more about bleaching or how to use the bleaching templates we recommend to following the chalk pair on TikTok

These are not returnable or refundable for any reason! All bleaching templates are Made to Order

Business Days are Monday- Friday (not including any federal holidays) 


There may be minimal bleeding of the bleach with using the templates. We suggest a fine mist spray bottle and light bleach usage with this product. For hoodies we recommend laying the template over your hoodie(s) and using a paint brush to apply the bleach because hoodies are more prone to the bleach bleeding. 

We can not guarantee a perfect bleach every time as bleaching is different depending on different factors.